Brymo Reacts To Peter Okoye Psquare’s Statement To Seun Kuti

Singer Brymo took to his social media platform to share his reaction to a statement made by one-half of the iconic duo P-Square, Peter Okoye, as a response to a statement made by singer Seun Kuti.

Singer Seun Kuti had described Peter Obi as an opportunist ahead of the 2023 presidential elections and this led to a direct response from Peter Okoye.

Following his response, the two singers had exchanged heated words on social media in which Brymo responded to.

Brymo had called out Peter Okoye following a statement about his father and how he was a self-made individual. Brymo’s reply read:

Bros .. you never delete ?..you go keep this post wey trifle your pops, just cause it reads like you are self-made and he inherited fame ?..that’s your point right ?.. this belittles yours.. this is quite self serving, I doubt you own your successes, you belong to your sponsors ?


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