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Finally, Tinubu responds to the Igbo attack in Lagos

Tinubu finally reacts to attack against Igbos in Lagos State...

by Mr Lyght
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Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, stated on Tuesday that he is “pained” by the “ethnic slurs” since they “are potential of producing needless mis-characterization,” he said.

According to POLITICS NIGERIA, the former Lagos governor urged Nigerians to “rise above our disagreements.”

Remember how racial tensions disrupted the Lagos governorship election only days before it was held?

The racial abuses directed at locals had intensified the tribal tendency on social media.

In a statement in response, Tinubu stated: “Elections should be a celebration of our maturing democracy and freedom of choice and ought not to be moments of grief.

“I am particularly pained by cases of ethnic slurs, which are capable of creating needless mis-characterisation reported in some locations.

“My appeal is for us to rise above our differences, which, in reality, are fewer than the valued strings that bind us together as a people irrespective of the circumstances of our births.”


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