ANAMBRA 2021: The time to make the right choice

ANAMBRA 2021: The time to make the right choice
A man is judged but by the summation of all his choices whether good or bad. It is high time we learn from ugly experiences of the past. It is easier for a charlatan to promise heaven and earth, but it is in doing that we know real men.
My fellow Ndi Anambra citizens, time has come for us to jettison promise makers; persons who had the opportunity to be in the corridors of power for so long without tangible impact and zero youth empowerment.
There is no doubt; owing to the precarious condition of Anambra State, God has chosen a performing leader: Dr. Godwin Maduka to lead Anambra State to the promise Land.

Godwin Maduka (M.D), is a leading light of his generation, someone born amongst us who went in search of greener pastures, and when he made strides, he brought the result of same strides home to his people and in the past 20 years he has turned his village which was once noted as backward to one of the best Cities in Nigeria.

Umuchukwu of Orumba South LGA is a dream City by the effort of one man, an achievement those who are soliciting for votes having been in the corridors of power for years cannot boast of.

Ndi Anambra, the choice is yours, its time to jettison vote seekers, empty promise makers, and people who don’t mind sacrificing their own people on the altar of power.

Ndi Anambra, this is the time to choose right, it is the time to choose a performing leader with clear evidence, the chance has come for the liberation of Anambra State.

Vote EVIDENCE! Accord Party!
Vote Godwin Maduka for Governor ANAMBRA STATE
A Greater Anambra is Possible! Godwin Maduka is the Right Choice

©Amajoyi Chigozirim Wisdom. (LL.B)

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