Ex-Husband Gives Current Husband Gift For Taking Care Of His Kids - OLOMSUPER

A Black American man has done something very rare and unexpected which is to appreciate his ex-wife’s husband.

A video shared by a woman identified as K’la Washington captures the moment her ex-husband presented an appreciation gift to her current husband for taking care of his children

He gifted the woman’s current hubby a pair of Air Jordan sneakers and he was in awe.

The ex could be seen giving a moving speech in the presence of the woman and their kids. He expressed deep gratitude to the man who has been a father figure to their two kids.

He was also thankful that the man did not maltreat them despite the fact that he is not their biological father.

The father revealed during the speech and and him and his ex-wife’s current husband do not have any drama or fight and they are even friends to a certain extent as they sometimes chill together.

After the current husband unboxed the gift, he was thankful and gave the other man a handshake.

Watch the video below:

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