I’m in pain, I’m suffering; please do not marry a fellow AS genotype” – Nigerian lady born with sickle cell tearfully begs (Video)

A Nigerian lady living with sickle cell anemia has tearfully pleaded with couples whose genotypes are both AS to not get married to avoid having children with SS.

In an emotional video she shared on social media, the young lady sobbed profusely as she shared how she has struggled with her health since she was a child due to being born with sickle cell anemia.


'I'm in pain, I'm suffering; please do not marry a fellow AS genotype' - Nigerian lady born with sickle cell tearfully begs (Video)


The young lady said she’s constantly in pain and sometimes questions why she was born.

She advised couples with AS genotypes not to marry, no matter how much they love each other, in order to avoid having children with SS.

According to her, sickle cell is painful, and patients usually suffer excruciating pains that make them question why they were born.

“If you’re AS and your partner is AS, please do not go ahead and get married. Please don’t. I’m in pains; my whole body is in pains. I’m in excruciating pains. Do not bring forth children with Sickle Cell. Sickle Cell is painful; it will make you question why you were born,” she said, wailing bitterly.

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A while ago, a Nigerian lady who suffers from the sickle cell disorder and who doctors feared wouldn’t live up to 20 years, is now in her 40s, married, and also a mother.

She took to Twitter to share her story and also to advise people.

She wrote,

“I am genotype SS. Growing up I was so used to being desperately sick and having blood transfusions that I thought it was something all children experienced. I grew up listening to doctors tell my mum not to have high hopes I might not live to be 20. My parents accepted their fate. Today I’m in my 40s. If my parents were alive they’d be grand parents. I have had a career spanning broadcasting, the development sector and politics. All of which I excelled at. I’m married. I’m still alive. It has NOT BEEN AN EASY ROAD not for me or loved ones. She also advised people to find out their genotype and to do multiple tests at different labs to be sure, before going into marriage.”