“Knack well before you come to UK” – Nigerian man advises people getting ready to ‘japa’ (Video)

A Nigerian man based in the United kingdom has taken to social media to give premium advice to those aspiring to relocate to the UK.

While walking in a street in the UK, the young man who spoke in pidgin accent, talked about the difficulty he’s facing in satisfying his urge.

According to him, he has been unable to get in bed with a woman abroad because they believe that if you’re trying to get attached to them, must be for paper.

In his words,

“See me now, I don dey here for good…going to two years now and I never see knack o. I get many of them as friends o, girls everywhere buh them no dey gree knack o cause they believe na paper wan make I knack them because they know say if I knack them Wella na, them fit forget themselves begin follow me”.

Watch the video below: