Promise And Fail”, Portable Disgraces Show Promoter, Billy After His UK Trip Flopped - OLOMSUPER

Portable savagely slammed UK-based Nigerian show promoter Billy, after he tried advising him.

The call-out came after Portable posted a video of himself dancing with the money he made from a show in London. Billy as a good friend took to the Portable’s comment section to advise him to take it easy so he doesn’t miss his flight.

“Sha no miss Dubai flight. Akoi Dubai soon”, he wrote.

Portable Disgraces ‘Promise And Fail’ Show Promoter, Billy After His UK Trip Flopped

The reminder must have triggered the suppressed anger Portable felt towards him as he wasted no time in warning him to mind his business.

Dr. Zeh informed Billy that he is not the one taking him to Dubai so he should learn to mind his business. Portable also recounted how Billy promised to sponsor this trip to London only for Billy to leave him to take care of the bills alone.

He concluded by warning Billy to stop chasing clout with his name and let Sam Larry take him to Dubai as he promised.

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