How An Eye Witness Gave Details Of What Happened To Sylvester & The Chances Of Getting Justice - OLOMSUPER

In a recent post shared my gistreel on Facebook, an eye witness who happens to be a student of Dowen College and was present inside the room when Sylvester was beaten has narrated how it happened, and his own account of the ugly incident corroborates what the late Sylvester told his father before he died.

According to the student, Sylvester was beaten by six seniors when they entered their room. While Sylvester and his roommates were talking in their room, the seniors walked in and put off the light. They started beating Sylvester and this made him fall from his bunk

After they were done, they warned them not to tell anyone what transpired. While Sylvester was still on the ground, they kicked his head before they all left.

The following day, the seniors called them and told them not to reveal what happened to anyone. They told them to tell others that he sustained injuries while playing football.

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