INEC officer disfigures the face of a PVC-seeking-resident with heavy pinches

A yet-to-be identified INEC officer with a lot of time on his hands was caught f#ghting a resident who came to get his Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

INEC officer di§figures the face of a PVC-seeking-resident with heavy p#nches in Delta State

An eyewitness reports that the incident happened on Monday, June 20, at the Warri South INEC office in Delta State. The source said, “These are the issues we’re facing while trying to get our voters card. The INEC officer in a white and blue shirt, h#t the resident who complained about bribe collection by some personnel at their office.

The officer who felt inslted responded by h#tting the complainant with a padlock and it resulted in a brawl. It’s dsgusting to say the least as to how some public servants behave in this country.”

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